Best of 2016 Soundtracks


Scott here join me in running through some of the great Soundtrack releases there have been this year:

–No:1 Chronicles of the Wasteland (Turbo Kid Soundtrack) – Le Matos (Death Waltz Recording Co.)

Released digitally at the end of 2015 , I wanted to include it in last year’s list but without a physical release in the UK till early this year there was only one choice for me for no.1 .Coming off the back of their first album (join us) which is amazing (and being reissued on vinyl by Death Waltz early next year … hint hint) the two members have crafted a master stroke of a synth/electronic album that should be held in the highest regards as an album in its own right forgetting it’s a soundtrack.

Both Turbo kid and Join Us are due for reissue early next year so follow the below links below and enter your email to told as soon as they are able to be ordered from us.

le matosle-matos-join-us










–No:2 Twin Peaks Soundtrack – Angelo Badalamenti  (Death Waltz Recording Co.)

The beautiful piano score finally gets the reissue treatment it has been looking for. Excellently crafted design on the all round package with nothing left to chance. A long time coming for the label but excellence cannot be rushed and to have the main man David Lynch give his approval is true praise indeed.

We have managed to secure a final batch of the vinyl reissue from the distributor with more not expected until well into next year, so order now .

Also bear in mind the ‘Fire Walk With Me’ Soundtrack is to get the same treatment early next year so again click the link and add your email to be the first to hear the details and pre-order as soon as we know.   









–No:3 The Terminator Soundtrack – Brad Fiedel (Milian)

Such a legendary score finally available again after being such a pricey item for years. Electronic but simple in its execution, its hard for the hairs on the back of your neck not to stand on end at the sound of the imposing theme (duh-duh duh duh duhh) . Whilst its a shame we in the UK didn’t get the exact package as our friends in the states did (coloured vinyl/deluxe gatefold sleeve) I’m still happy to see the new sleeve design and those awesome tunes finally back on wax.

Order yourself a copy below:











–No:4 Star Wars : A New Hope Picture Disc Soundtrack – John Williams (Sony Classical)

There’s not much I need to say here, John Williams knocking it out of the park with one of his best loved scores. Whilst sonicallly not the best version out there it doesn’t need to be when the record is the Death Star !! Why it has taken so long for it to come out on a picture disc I don’t know but finally it can be yours. Close second to this is the Wondercon version of the Record Store Day 10″ but rather than the picture originally used its BB8 in all his glory spinning on your turntable.

Order Yours Here:

–No:5 Drive Soundtrack – Cliff Martinez (Invada)

So I don’t really understand the need for a 5th anniversary re-issue but if it means more people will find and listen to this brilliant soundtrack whilst spreading the word of the good work that Invada and Clint Mansell produce then I’m 100% for it (it also means I get to include it in this year’s list). Pumping and smooth this is pure quality from start to finish and every artist involved (Kavinsky/College etc) need to be recognised for this wonderful piece. 

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Extra ones (because i can)

Luke Cage Soundtrack – Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad (Mondo)

Ok So I’m not allowed to include this properly as its not been released in the UK (as Mondo currently only have the USA rights) but it is so good it needs mentioning. Adrian Younge is fantastic and I’ve been a big fan since hearing his work on Black Dynamite. Once again he channels an amazing knowledge of the music from the Blaxplotation genre giving us music that has as much feeling and texture as Harlem itself has in the show . Seeing hints of past scores for SHAFT/DOLEMITE & PETEY WHEATSTRAW plus the inclusion of such greats performing in the show (Charles Bradley , The Stylistics and Sharon Jones) means you HAVE to hunt this out on Import …. or perhaps Mondo can get the rights for Europe please?


Gremlins Soundtrack – Jerry Goldsmith (Mondo)

Last minute addition Mondo have surprised us all by creeping this in last minute finally available on vinyl the full expanded score to Gremlins perfect for Christmas but not only that but much like the Gremlins themselves when the sleeve come into contact with (Bright) Light or Water it changes to reveal more.

we have a small amount of these coming this year so make sure to pre-order so you don’t miss out










I can’t wait to see what 2017 has to bring soundtrack wise but its begining to look like a cracker with FIGHT CLUB and EVIL DEAD already on their way.


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