Downset – Do We Speak A Dead Language Coloured Vinyl LP


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Downset – Do We Speak A Dead Language Vinyl LP


Blending rap, funk, hardcore punk, heavy metal, and socially aware lyrics, Downset. was initially formed in Los Angeles in the late ‘80s as part of the city’s still thriving hardcore scene, but quickly expanded their sound.
After the first time on vinyl release of their self-titled debut album Downset. it’s time for the album Do We Speak A Dead Language. This album is not quite as ‘rappy’ as their debut, but the lyrics are still just as intense, no holds barred and socially conscious. They tell the story of growing up on the streets of LA encountering racial hatred, violence and other atrocities. The intro includes a sample of a Martin Luther King speech following up with the heavy tracks “Empower,” “Eyes Shut Tight,” “Keep On Breathing.”
There is a heavy guitar intro on “Touch,” which starts out clean and mellow and then rips into a brutal hardcore style. Just like the guitar parts on “Hurl A Stone” and “Against The Spirits” the band members know how to grasp their audience. Other good tracks are “Pocket Full of Fatcaps” and “Sangre Di Mis Manos,” which are sung in Spanish.

1. Intro
2. Empower
3. Eyes Shut Tight
4. Keep On Breathing
5. Hurl A Stone
6. Fire
7. Touch

1. Against The Spirits
2. Sickness
3. Pocket Full Of Fatcaps
4. Sangre De Mis Manos
5. Horrifying
6. Sickness (Reprise)
7. Permanent Days Unmoving
8. Ashes In Hand Hidden Track: Untitled (In Memory)

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