Keep Dancing Inc 31/03/18 @ Hyde Park Book Club


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Keep Dancing Inc. + Vide0 + snicklefritz
Hyde Park Book Club
Saturday 31st March
Doors 7.30pm
Age Restriction: 14+

The sound of Parisians Keep Dancing Inc pulses with jangly guitars and punchy electronic pads, creating a seductive indie pop sound falling somewhere between New Order and some forgotten 80s sci-fi flick. Building up a cult following back home in Paris, Keep Dancing Inc have played alongside acts like Mykki Blanco and Lost Under Heaven gaining a representation for an irrepressibly sparky live presence.

The mission statement is deceptively simple: “make fun for everyone”, and when exposed to their hyperactive synth-pop beats and infectiously joyful live sets it’s hard not to cry back “mission accomplished”, but mistake this laissez-faire sincerity for naivety at your own peril. Androgynous model-by-day Joseph describes the band’s percussive electronica as a kind of “metaphorical sound” and underneath the surface of adolescent agony and ecstasy, Keep Dancing Inc have a razor sharp engagement with ideas of authenticity and simulation; an impish dancing between of expectations and role-playing. Tag-teaming outfits and hairstyles the boys seamlessly shape-shift between identities at break-neck pace – moving between slacker, surfer, high fashion, club kid – they embody what it feels to be young: chameleonic, never static, and forever strobing in and out of love.

Keep Dancing Inc promises everything and asks for nothing back: it’s a world-conquering altruistic corporation, a free love collective, a pact, a war cry, a promise. Whatever happens – through the thunder and the storm – they will keep dancing.