Record Store Day – Please read if you placed an online order

All the Record Store Day stock that we still had available went online at 1 minute past midnight on Saturday 29th April and even though the huge volume of traffic crashed the site for longer than we would have liked we received a lot of orders.

At the moment we are still processing all those orders and will be sending out emails to customers within the next couple of days. Please do not be concerned if you have not heard from us yet, we are dealing with a very large amount of online sales, but we have the stock to complete the vast majority of orders that were placed.

There were a few situations where we only had small amounts of stock left on individual items and several customers were trying to buy at the same time. In those cases we will allocate to the people who completed their order first. We will of course inform anyone who we can’t supply stock to and issue a full refund where necessary.

We are working through Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday so that we can let everyone know as soon as possible about their order. We will then be shipping stock out on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. If you chose the collect at Crash option when you placed your order please don’t call into the shop until we have emailed you.

Thank you for your patience as we process all our online Record Store Day orders.