Record Store Day – Saturday 21st April. Important information/release lists.


We will once again be one of the independent retailers taking part in Record Store Day on Saturday 21st April. Please take a few moments to read this important information about the event.

The shop will open from 8:30am (an hour earlier than normal) on Saturday 21st April by which time there will no doubt be a large queue outside the shop. A door control system will be in operation to ensure that customers enter the shop in the same order they joined the queue. Please be aware that there will inevitably be time spent waiting to get in to the shop once we start serving customers.

We will make stock/price lists available during the week leading up to Record Store Day and will also have a print at home version. We don’t stock absolutely everything on the full release list, but do take a very large proportion. Here, if you have not already seen it is the Record Store Day 2018 release in full.

Record Store Day releases can only be purchased over the counter in the shop. There are no online or over the phone sales. We cannot reserve or take pre-orders for any of the limited edition releases. Everything is sold on a first come first served basis.

No customer can buy more than one copy of any release, but we don’t have any real restrictions on the number of different releases that can be bought in one transaction.

We are not able to answer questions about how many of each release we are getting. This is due to the fact that we put our order requests in to the record companies but don’t know exactly what we will receive until our deliveries arrive. We are optimistic about getting good levels of stock though on many of the very in demand releases.

We will of course keep updating on here, Facebook and Twitter as we get further news and information.