ANDREY ISKANOV AND ALEXANDER SHEVCHENKO - Choice Cuts From “Philosophy Of A Knife” - Vinyl 2LP + CD

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“Philosophy Of A Knife” is one of the most extreme, shocking and disturbing movies of all time, played on the edge between horror, splatter and documentary. From Russian director Andrey Iskanov, POAK is a 4-hour-long journey to hell and back, showing with incredible details and cruel realism the experiments performed by the Japanese Unit 731 on the Chinese population during WW2. A real punch in the gut. Can you imagine a soundtrack for such a movie? Iskanov himself and composer Alexander Shevchenko delivered a score in which the most wicked industrial music meets flickering piano ballads and beautifully distressing soundscapes.


SIDE A 19:57

Intro 1:49
Title Theme 4:54
Quadrangle Prison 4:30
Crematory Theme 5:38
The Long Walk 3:04

SIDE B 20:34

Sentimental Moments 1:33
Keep Exploring - Rays Of Death 4:32
Sympathy And Revenge 5:20
Preparing - X-Rays - Teeth Fairy Waltz 9:08

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