Clutch - Songs Of Much Gravity...1993-2001: 4CD Box Set


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CD 1: Transnational Speedway League: Anthems, Anecdotes And Undeniable Truths (1993)

  1. A Shotgun Named Marcus
  2. El Jefe Speaks
  3. Binge And Purge
  4. 12 Ounce Epilogue
  5. Bacchanal
  6. Milk Of Human Kindness
  7. Rats
  8. Earthworm
  9. Heirloom
  10. Walking In The Great Shining Path Of Monster Trucks
  11. Effigy

CD 2: Clutch (1995)

  1. Big News I
  2. Big News II
  3. Rock N Roll Outlaw
  4. Texan Book Of The Dead
  5. Escape From The Prison Planet
  6. Spacegrass
  7. I Have The Body Of John Wilkes Booth
  8. Tight Like That
  9. Animal Farm
  10. Droid
  11. The House That Peterbilt
  12. Jam
  13. Tim Sult Vs The Greys

CD 3: Pure Rock Fury (2001)

  1. American Sleep
  2. Pure Rock Fury
  3. Open Up The Border
  4. Careful With That Mic…
  5. Red Horse Rainbow
  6. The Great Outdoors!
  7. Smoke Banshee
  8. Frankenstein
  9. Sinkemlow
  10. Immortal
  11. Brazenhead
  12. Drink To The Dead
  13. Spacegrass (Live)

CD 4: Songs Of Much Gravity: Singles, B-Sides, Remixes And Non-Album Tracks (1995-2001)

  1. Tight Like That (Edit Remix from promo E.P. Songs Of Much Gravity)
  2. Apache (from ‘Big News’ single and Japanese edition of Clutch)
  3. Immortal (Remix from ‘Immortal’ single)
  4. 7 Jam (Live Version)
  5. Careful With That Mic… (Radio Edit from Careful With That E.P.)
  6. Guild Of Mute Assassins (from Careful With That E.P.)
  7. Frankenstein (from Careful With That E.P.)

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