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Teenage Fanclub - Endless Arcade : Limited Translucent Yellow Vinyl LP With Signed Print *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 081Teenage Fanclub - Endless Arcade : Limited Translucent Yellow Vinyl LP With Signed Print *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 081
Kiwi Jr. - Cooler Returns : Limited Yellow LP With Signed Print *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 080 *Pre-Order
LICE - Wasteland: What Ails Our People Is Clear: Limited Orange LP With Print, Patch And Pamphlet *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 078
Besnard Lakes (The) - The Besnard Lakes Are The Last Great Thunderstorm Warnings: Limited Orange/Red Splatter 2LP With Exclusive Orange Flexi Disc *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 077
Black Honey - Written & Directed: Limited Black/Red Marble LP With Alternate Cover Art *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 075
Buck Meek - Two Saviours : Limited Blue Dream Iceberg Wave Vinyl + Flexi *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 074
Crack Cloud - Pain Olympics : 180grm Dark Green Vinyl + Exclusive 7" Single *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 052
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Girl Friday - Androgynous Mary : Exclusive Pink / White Vinyl with OBI and Signed Band photo *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 054
Tricky - Fall To Pieces: Exclusive Blue Marble Vinyl with Bonus 7" EP *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 055 *Pre-Order
Widowspeak - Plum: Exclusive Green Vinyl with Bonus Arts prints *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 056 *Pre-Order
Mary Lattimore - Silver Ladders: Exclusive Transparent Sand coloured Vinyl LP PLUS sheet music *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 060*
Wytches (The) - Three Mile Ditch: Exclusive Splatter Vinyl LP PLUS Signed Fanzine and sticker sheet *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 061*
Weyes Blood - Cardamom Times : Limited Transparent BLUE Vinyl LP with Exclusive Poster *DINKED ARCHIVE EDITION EXCLUSIVE 002
Surprise Chef - Daylight Savings: Exclusive Light Blue Vinyl LP with insert and vine *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 067* Pre-Order
Faten Kanaan - A Mythology of Circles : Exclusive Red and White Inkspot Vinyl LP with bespoke Moon Phase Calendar *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 068* Pre-Order
AK/DK - Shared Particles : Exclusive 'Starburst' 3 colour Vinyl LP in Mirrorboard sleeve with signed postcard and remix CD *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 069*
KELLEY STOLTZ - Ah!(etc) : Exclusive Yellow Splatter Vinyl LP PLUS bonus Pink 4 TRack 12" EP *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 070* Pre-OrderKELLEY STOLTZ - Ah!(etc) : Exclusive Yellow Splatter Vinyl LP PLUS bonus Pink 4 TRack 12" EP *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 070* Pre-Order
Rats On Rafts - Excerpts From Chapter 3: The Mind Runs A Net Of Rabbit Paths: Exclusive Dark Green Vinyl LP PLUS Bonus 7" With Exclusive B Side *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 071
Anna B Savage - A Common Turn : Limited Clear And Purple Yolk Vinyl LP in Exclusive Numbered Sleeve *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 072*
Richard Norris - Elements : Exclusive Picture Disc Vinyl LP in a Hand numbered Gatefold Sleeve *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 062* Pre-Order
Pan Amsterdam - Ha Chu : Exclusive Springtime Green Vinyl LP with slipmat *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 063* Pre-Order
Frankie and the Witch Fingers - Monsters Eating People Eating Monsters... : Exclusive half half Pink / Black Vinyl LP with exclusive Yellow Flexi disc *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 064* Pre-Order
Luke Abbott  - Translate : Exclusive Double Clear Vinyl LP with vinyl sticker *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 066
Brigid Dawson & The Mothers Network - Ballet Of Apes: Magenta Colour Vinyl + Signed Inner Sleeve *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 051
Kate NV - Room for the Moon: Swirl Colour Vinyl LP in Numbered Sleeve plus Stickers *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 050
Cool Greenhouse (The) - The Cool Greenhouse: Ultra Clear colour vinyl + signed and numbered postcard *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 049
Save £6.99
Thee MVPs - Science Fiction: Super Exclusive Splatter BLUE Vinyl LP with Numbered insert and Slipmat *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 048 *Pre-Order
Once and Future Band - Deleted Scenes: Limited Beer Coloured Vinyl Numbered Edition With Poster And Flexi *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 047 *Pre-Order
Erland Cooper - Hether Blether: Limited Hand Numbered Edition With Art Print And Map *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 046
Blinders (The) - Fantasies Of A Stay At Home Psychopath : Limited RED Vinyl LP with Signed and Numbered Art Print *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 042 *Pre-Order
Warm Digits - Flight Of Ideas : Limited Orange Vinyl LP in Exclusive Mirrorboard Sleeve PLUS Signed Postcard & Bonus 7" Single *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 041
Hinds - The Prettiest Curse: Limited Tri-Stripped Vinyl LP  PLUS Signed Print and Bonus Green 7" Flexi Disc *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 040 *Pre-Order
Slow Readers Club (The) - The Joy Of The Return : Limited Clear - Magenta Splatter Vinyl LP in Exclusive Sleeve design PLUS Signed and Numbered Art Print *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 039
Nadia Reid - Out Of My Province : Limited Pink White Vinyl LP in Alternative artwork Sleeve *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 038
Juniore - Un Deux Trois: Limited Heavyweight Vinyl LP in Unique Alternative artwork with Exclusive 7" *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 037
Moses Boyd - Dark Matter : Limited Double Grey Vinyl LP with Flag Wrap *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 036
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Low Anthem (The) - Oh My God, Charlie Darwin [10th Anniversary Edition] : Limited WHITE Vinyl LP in Handnumbered Custom Screen Printed Jacket *DINKED ARCHIVE EDITION EXCLUSIVE 001
Squirrel Flower - I Was Born Swimming : Limited Transparent BLUE Vinyl LP in Handnumbered Sleeve with Bonus 7" and signed postcard *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 033
Smoke Fairies - Darkness Brings The Wonders Home : Limited Gold and Black Splatter Vinyl LP in Exclusive Sleeve and Extra Signed Print *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 032

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