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Release Date Friday 19th January 2024
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It's the pair you've all been waiTng for! FINALLY! Alan Tew's driving jazz-rock, sleuth-
funk masterpiece, Drama Suite Part I is finally reissued to sate your appeTtes for

arguably the very best library two-parter in existence. If you don’t know, get to know.
Originally released in 1976 but wonderfully Tmeless, Drama Suite Part I is at the top
of every library funk collectors' list. It's easy to see why...
Racing out the gate, the grily crime funk of "The DetecTves" makes for a thrilling,
wild ride. A dramaTc acTon theme, it's packed with strident playing and bags of

aÖtude. There follows 10 (ten!) drama-Tnged, horn-heavy, wah-wah-laced, conga-
enhanced, synth-riddled links for neat segues and maximum funk fever. "Helicop" is

another fast paced and energeTc dramaTc acTon background with great breaks and
horns. "The Big One (Prelude)" has an ace bassline and creeps along superbly to
create expectaTon and contains an amazing rolling piano loop that just stops you
dead in your tracks. It's all building to "The Big One", a driving, dramaTc, full-band
acTon with fantasTc funk breaks, heavy horns and *that* piano refrain. It was
sampled by Jay-Z, and you can't really blame him, can you? The brief, tense
"Headlights" and (even briefer) burner "The Burn" add some - you guessed it - deep
drama over insistent rhythms to close out Side A.
Flip over for "The DetecTves (Slow Version)", a relaxed, thoughàul version featuring
synths. You might recognise it as being sampled by Domo Genesis and Evidence for
"Tallulah" from their brilliant collaboraTon a few years ago. "The DetecTves
(Interlude)" is another slow, pensive version featuring electric piano and a trombone
solo in the centre secTon. There follows 6 further links, DetecTves versions
essenTally, with guitars, electric pianos, flugelhorns - all very cool and relaxed
rhythms. The struÖng majesty of big-Tme highlight "The Build Up" is next. It's a
medium-slow drama background with occasional light statements of The DetecTves
theme peppered throughout. Nice. The fantasTcally-Ttled "Snout" is a slow, tense
background theme which features a repeTTve guitar figure with alto flutes over the
top. The tense, stabby funk of "The Prowler" rounds out proceedings, with nervous
figures over a slow, insistent cymbal beat.
As with all of our KPM re-issues, the audio for Drama Suite Part I comes from the
original analogue tapes and has been remastered for vinyl by Be With regular Simon
Francis. And as usual, the sleeve reproducTon duTes were handed over to Richard
Robinson, the current custodian of KPM’s brand idenTty. We're not quite sure what
else to say about this landmark record, other than, GET IT!

Tracklist: A1 The DetecTves (Long Version) 2:26 A2 The DetecTves (Short Version)1:31
A3 The DetecTves (Link 1) 0:08 A4 The DetecTves (Link 2a) 0:06 A5 The DetecTves
(Link 2b) 0:16 A6 The DetecTves (Link 2c 0:16 A7 The DetecTves (Link 3) 0:10 A8 The
DetecTves (Link 4a) 0:06 A9 The DetecTves (Link 4b) 0:15 A10 The DetecTves (Link
4c) 0:15 A11 Helicop 2:54 A12 The Big One (Prelude) 1:26 A13 The Big One 4:05 A14
Headlights 1:09 A15 The Burn 1:05 A16 Bust Up (a) 0:14 A17 Bust Up (b) 0:13 B1The
DetecTves (Slow Version) 2:07 B2 The DetecTves (Interlude) 1:47 B3 The DetecTves
(Link 5a) 0:12 B4 The DetecTves (Link 5b) 0:29 B5 The DetecTves (Link 6a) 0:11 B6
The DetecTves (Link 6b) 0:32 B7 The DetecTves (Link 7a) 0:19 B8 The DetecTves (Link
7b) 0:13 B9 The Build Up 5:57 B10 Snout 1:04 B11 The Prowler2:02


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