Alice Cooper - Welcome To My Nightmare: Clear Vinyl

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Alice Cooper - Welcome To My Nightmare

Side A:
1. Welcome To My Nightmare 5:19
2. Devil's Food 3:38
3. The Black Widow 3:37
4. Some Folks 4:19
5. Only Women Bleed
Side B:
1. Department Of Youth 3:18
2. Cold Ethyl 3:51
3. Years Ago 2:51
4. Steven 5:52
5. The Awakening 2:25

Alice Cooper perfected shock rock with his 1975 concept album WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE. The stage show is justifiably legendary, replete with boa constrictors, guillotines and other Grand Guignol theatrics, and this 1975 Atlantic collection is its aural equivalent - a loosely conceptual set exploring a child's dark dreams. With guitarists Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter supplying the firepower, this NIGHTMARE features plenty of hard rock (“Cold Ethyl,” “The Black Widow”), but there are also quieter moments like the hit ballad “Only Women Bleed,” and thanks to Bob Ezrin's elaborate production it all flows together perfectly. WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE will be pressed on clear vinyl.

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