Ant Man + The Wasp OST: Limited Red/Yellow Vinyl 2LP

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A1 It Ain’t Over Till The Wasp Lady Stings
A2 Prologue
A3 Ghost In The Machine
A4 World’s Greatest Grandma
A5 A Little Nudge
A6 Feds
A7 Ava’s Story
B1 Wings & Blasters
B2 Utmost Ghost
B3 Tracker Swarm
B4 Cautious As A Hurricane
B5 Misdirection
B6 Quantum Leap
B7 I Shrink, Therefore I Am
B8 Partners
B9 Windshield Wipeout
C1 Hot Wheels
C2 Revivification
C3 A Flock Of Seagulls
C4 San Francisco Giant
C5 Ghost = Toast
C6 Reduce Yourself
C7 Quit Screwing Around
C8 Arthropodie
C9 Baba Yaga Lullaby
Performer – David Dastmalchian
D1 Anthill
D2 Let's Fly, Antoinette!
D3 The Lab
D4 Mission Pympossible
D5 Anterrogation
D6 Shrinking And Phasing
D7 This Old House
D8 Let's Blow This Pez Stand
D9 Quantum Dash
D10 Pigeons! Ahhh (Demo)
D11 Origins (Demo)
D12 Buenos Aires, 1987 (Demo)
D13 Tunnel Go Boom! (Demo)
D14 Elemantary School

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