Further changes to restricted opening times.

After a reasonably successful period of restricted service we are now moving to the next phase of re-opening which will mean the return of limited browsing in the shop.

Our opening hours will continue to be 10am – 5pm Monday to Saturday. We will be closed on Sundays until further notice.

This Friday (3rd July) and Saturday (4th July) the door of the shop will be open all day to allow customers to browse through our CD and vinyl racks. EVERYONE MUST USE THE HAND SANITISER PROVIDED WHEN THEY ENTER THE PREMISES.

Customers must observe social distancing measures at all times and there may well be occasions when people will have to wait outside. It’s not really possible to have more than 4 customers in at the same time due to the size of the shop. It’s also very important that plenty of space is given in the doorway when entering or leaving the shop.

Monday to Thursday will still be a restricted service, where browsing through the racks is not an option. On these days the door will be locked and access will only be allowed by ringing the doorbell. A member of staff will answer the door very quickly. We will still be able to deal with any normal business (sales, online order collections, ticket enquiries etc) during restricted service, there just won’t be the option to browse.

We are also very happy to receive stock enquiries. Payment can be made by card or PayPal and orders collected at a convenient time. We are even happy for customers to collect their purchase outside the shop rather than coming in.There is also a postage option for customer orders.

Any other questions, please ask. We are very keen to return to some kind of normal service and really appreciate the support we have received so far.