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The Academic
“Acting My Age EP”

CD EP £4.99
Cassette EP £7.99
12″ Orange EP £8.99


  1. Anything Could Happen
  2. Acting My Age
  3. Unspoken
  4. Sunroof
  5. Happy Hour
  6. Them

When The Rolling Stones handpick you to open up for them at Ireland’s biggest stadium, you know you’re onto a winner. Ireland’s most exciting new export are The Academic; 2020’s Mick Jagger-approved indie-pop princes-in-waiting. A party-starting four-piece, their super-uplifting, hugely melodic guitar-driven sound is the product of a tight-knit gang who’ve been playing together since school, when they first bonded over the sounds of The Strokes and Vampire Weekend.

When it comes to the music, The Academic have already taken the honour of releasing an album that’s topped the Irish charts – 2018’s Tales from the Backseat – but with 2020 comes an assured push for global domination. A new album (considered the debut for most) is set for 2021, but first comes a taut six-song EP, led by the brisk new wave styled single Anything Could Happen, which draws from the stop-start rhythms of Talking Heads and Elvis Costello. With lyrics about those who are “saving all your feelings for Saturday night” and going on benders of the emotional kind, it’s a song about personal growth, friendship and accepting that nobody is perfect. In many ways it’s the perfect balm for these strange times. “It’s about looking at a friend or someone you know and seeing that they’re not being the best that they can be,” explains Craig, the band’s main songwriter. “I think there can be a lot of self doubt with people. What we trying to say here is believe in yourself, chase those dreams and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. There’s a whole world out there for the taking!”

With its follow-up Acting My Age comes another catchy confidence booster. Here is a warm, full-hearted song about something that’s happened to us all; doing bad things but not being a bad person. “It’s so easy to be harsh on yourself,” says Craig of the track, which shows his easy way with social observation. “But this is about forgiveness.” Their pop credentials shine through on both, with a breezy, classic sensibility blaring out from every bar. For The
Academic pop is definitely not a dirty word. “I’ve no issue with us being called a pop band,” states Stephen. “We don’t shy away from the fact that we like that stuff.” It’s no surprise these songs sound so timeless; they were produced by Nick Hodgson, former drummer with the Kaiser Chiefs, who has since collaborated with Dua Lipa, Mark Ronson, and Duran Duran. “Working with Nick is great, not least because of his indie-disco heritage, a sound that’s had a lasting impact on our childhoods but he is one of the few guys that, when we get in a room with him, everything just flows naturally,” explains Craig. It’s impossible not to hear that energy. We predict big things for The Academic.

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