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“Eno Axis”
(Merge Records)

Release Date Friday 21st August
All pre-orders will be dispatched/made ready for collection on that date.

DINKED EDITION 057 ยฃ22.99
  • Exclusive iridescent blue vinyl
  • 12โ€ x 12โ€ screen-printed, two-colour print
  • Signed & numbered
  • Numbered edition of 300


Side A
1 Hands for the Harvest 4:17
2 Footman’s Coat 3:43
3 High Rise 4:49
4 River’s Jaw 4:34
5 One Eye Open 2:12

Side B
6 Final Bow 4:09
7 True Meridian 3:34
8 Sunday Morning 1:41
9 Time, On Fire 3:07
10 Hoses of the Holy 4:10


Narratively, H.C. McEntireโ€™s Eno Axis is about finding direction in the natural world, and following love. Sonically, itโ€™s an album shaped enormously by the atmosphere it was recorded inโ€”the crewโ€™s synergy and positivity, the proximity and presence of a band in a room playing with intention.
Structurally, itโ€™s a group of songs inspired by the colors and tones of open tunings, by the sacrality of space and instinct.
Stylistically, itโ€™s folk-rock leaning into its curious experimental side and moved by the spiritual rawness of classic soul and the simplicity of earnest pop.
Eno Axis feels like a confident and mature step forward from her debut album LIONHEARTโ€”in tone, arrangement, production, and spirit.





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