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Léon (Leon) Soundtrack -Eric Serra

Part of a series of reissues of classic French films with Director Luc Besson at a great price


A1. Noon

A2. Cute Name

A3. Ballad for Mathilda

A4. What’s Happening Out There ?

A5. A Bird in New York

A6. She Is Dead

B1. Fatman

B2. Leon the Cleaner

B3. Can I Have a Word With You ?

B4. The Game Is Over

B5. Feel the Breath

B6. Room 4602

C1. Very Special Delivery

C2. When Leon Does His Best

C3. Back on the Crime Scene

C4. Birds of Storm

C5. Tony the IBM

C6. How Do You Know It’s Love ?

D1. The Fight (Part 1: the Swat Squad)

D2. The Fight (Part 2: Bring Me Everyone)

D3. The Fight (Part 3: the Big Weapon)

D4. The Fight (Part 4: One Is Alive)

D5. Two Ways Out

D6. Hey Little Angel

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