Meursault + Mi Mye 30/05/19 @ Establishment, Wakefield


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Bodys and Long Division Present:
Meursault + Mi Mye
Thursday 30th May
Establishment, 81-83 Westgate, Wakefield, WF1 1EP. Gig is in the music hall – enter through the main door on Bank Street then turn left

9.15pm Meursault

Meursault are the saddest of the Frightened Rabbit songs and the most beautiful of the King Creosote songs, but entirely with their own heartbreaking and often acerbic personality, and modestly anthemic choruses will have you wailing ‘I Will Kill Again’. Drowned in Sound said of their latest album ‘Meursault have always displayed a charm and panache that set them apart from their peers. Raw emotion and personal tumult have been fertile ground for Neil Pennycook & co. but it’s not all sad strumming and “woe is me” laments; their songs bite and swoon and soar, sometimes softly, sometimes majestically. And while they’ve been getting steadily more uptempo and polished in their writing, Pennycook’s voice can still stab like a dagger of ice to the heart.’ Listen here


8.15pm Mi Mye

I’m biased about Mi Mye because I have been in the band for a few years now, so here is what Deer Shed Festival are saying about our set there later this year: ‘If you’re after raw, personal song-writing ripped straight from the heart, then Mi Mye is the band for you. Quietly, but surely, Lockhart’s beautifully crafted repertoire of songs has built him up to be something of a cult icon in his adoptive home, in part due to his profound encounters with Yorkshire cityscapes and urban life featuring prominently in his poetic lyrics. Fusing stark Bukowskian observations of human depravity in the city with the sensitivity of modern songwriters like Conor Oberst or Dan Bejar, Mi Mye are masters of pulling at the listener’s heartstrings and engrossing them in the magical world of his work.’ Listen here



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