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Mush – 3D Routine
(Label – Memphis Industries)

CD Album £9.99
Black Vinyl LP £17.99
Exclusive Slime Vinyl LP £18.99 Slime LP variant limited to 300 copies and exclusive to Crash, Jumbo and Rough Trade

‘3D Routine’ has arrived. Following on from their ‘Induction Party
E.P’, Mush are circulating their own sonic mythology, blurring the
lines between abstract surrealism, existentialism and social
commentary. Like its predecessor ‘3D Routine’ is a sensory
overload of clattering, hooky, guitar work. However, this time space
emerges between the onslaughts and in this respite, room is found
for new emotional depth. More expansive than ever before, ‘3D
Routine’ manages to maintain the rawness of a classic debut but it’s
experimentation and variety portray a band unlikely to rest on their
‘guitar band’ chops.

Songwriter Dan Hyndman explains the genesis of the band as being
“fairly boiler plate” a combination of friends old and new converging
in Leeds post-uni to form a band predominantly united in their mutual
affection for the Pavement back catalogue. Finally settling on a
lineup of Nick Grant (bass), Tyson (guitar) and Phil Porter (drums)
the band’s progression has taken them far beyond this original

Having garnered local attention in the early days for their unhinged
and often calamitous live shows in Leeds, it was the unlikely radio
hit ‘Alternative Facts’, (clocking in at an uncompromising ten
minutes) that brought the Mush to the attention of a wider audience.
The song, one of the last releases for the legendary Too Pure
Singles Club saw early support from Marc Riley and others on BBC
6music with them playing multiple sessions, and the follow up single,
‘Gig Economy’ hopping onto the 6music playlist. Roaming further
afield from their hometown, Mush spent the first half of 2019 heading
out around the UK, earning a reputation for their intense live
performances, supporting the likes of Girl Band, The Lovely Eggs,
Yak, Shame and Stereolab, as well as releasing the ‘Induction Party’
EP to great acclaim. At the tail end of summer of 2019 Mush headed
to Leeds’ Green Mount Studio and with Andy Savours (Dream Wife,
Our Girl, My Bloody Valentine) manning the mixing desk, their debut
LP, ‘3D Routine’ was born.


1. Revising My Fee
2. Eat the Etiquette
3. Existential Dread
4. Coronation Chicken
5. Island Mentality
6. Fruits of the Happening
7. Hey Gammonhead
8. 3D Routine
9. Gig Economy
10. Poverty Pornography
11. No Signal in the Paddock
12. Alternative Facts

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