Predator – Soundtrack Alan Silvestri Double Vinyl LP on Blood Red and “Predator Dreads” Blue Splatter Vinyl *Pre-Order


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Predator Soundtrack on Blood Red and “Predator Dreads” Blue  coloured vinyl.

Limited to only 1000 copies!


Side One

Fox Fanfare
Main Title
Something Else; Cut ‘Em Down; Payback Time
The Truck
Jungle Trek

Side Two

Girl’s Escape
Blaine’s Death
What Happened?
He’s My Friend
We’re Gonna Die
Building the Trap
The Waiting

Side Three

Can You See Him?
Dillon’s Death
Billy and Predator
Dutch Builds Trap

Side Four

Predator Injured
Hand to Hand Combat
Predator’s Death
The Aftermath; The Pick-Up and End Credits


Though Derided as Derivative When It Came Out,Predator Has Only Grown in Reputation as One of the Great Action/Sci-Fi Films, and Marked the Full Flowering of Arnold Schwarzenegger as a Genuine Movie Star

The Soundtrack by Alan Silvestri (Romancing the Stone; Back to the Future) Has Also Become a Cult Favorite, Sparking No Less Than Three Limited-Edition CD Releases

Silvestri’s Score Is Every Bit as Brutal and Hard-Hitting as the Film Itself, Employing a Full Orchestra, Deft Electronic Touches, and Bruising Percussion

Among the Highlights Are the Eerie, Descending Strings as the Predator Descends to Earth, the Propulsive Military March That Introduces the Commando Team, and the Simple Trumpet Fanfare in “He’s My Friend” Lamenting the Loss of a Fallen Comrade

Sound Is Taken from Intrada’s 2012 Complete and Definitive Edition of the Score

Real Gone Music’s Vinyl Release Features Custom Front Cover Art by Rafał Wechterowicz Depicting the Predator in All Its Gory Glory

Gatefold Double-LP Set Also Includes Production Stills




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Weight 750 g