Warmduscher – Tainted Lunch : Limited Transparent Pink Vinyl LP plus bonus Glow in the Dark 7″ Single *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 026


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“Tainted Lunch”
The Leaf Label Records

Limited to just 500 copies


  • Transparent pink vinyl LP
  • Bonus glow in the dark vinyl 7” with two tracks exclusive to Dinked Edition
  • Double sided poster
  • Printed inner sleeve


A1.Rules Of The Game (feat. Iggy Pop)

A2.Tainted Lunch

A3.Midnight Dipper

A4. Disco Peanuts

A5.Fill It, Don’t Spill It

A6.Burner (feat. Kool Keith)

B1.The Chimp

B2.Precious Things

B3.Grape Face

B4.Dream Lotion

B5.Blood Load

B6. Tiny Letters

Bonus 7”

  1. Nelson’s Threads
  2. The Pressure

Warmduscher return.
Heavy metals. Disco Peanuts. CCTV in the break room.
A little something to get you through the week. There’s enough to go around. Revenge is a dish best served bold.
Melt in the mouth disco basslines on a fragrant bed of feedback. Try it with the boom bap tapenade. Here for a
good time, not a long time.
If you made your way out of Whale City with your faculties intact, this one’s for you. Clams Baker, Lightnin’ Jack
Everett, Mr Salt Fingers Lovecraft and The Witherer have been joined by Quicksand on cutting board and
cheese wire and commis chef Cheeks on vibes. They’ve been cooking. Michelin stars. The finest ingredients
money can buy: Kool Keith and Iggy Pop. Funk, punk, hip-hop and lounge rock. Love is real.
Band biographer and revered botanist Dr Alan Goldfarb describes the album as “a sample hole through which to
taste another universe. A dramatic warning. A gilded aroma. It is a tale of wanton desire and limitless treachery. A
tale of disillusionment – the refusal of exploitation.”
Tainted Lunch was recorded in just four days, with soupe du jour Dan Carey (Kate Tempest, black midi,
Fontaines DC). Warmduscher continue to live on their razor-sharp wits. Or as Clams Baker puts it “there’s no way
to stop now”. Delivering the goods you never knew you needed.
If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.
Tainted Lunch will be released on CD, black vinyl, limited edition indies only red vinyl with poster, and as a pink
vinyl Dinked Edition with poster and exclusive glow-in-the-dark 7” single with two unreleased tracks


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