A Nightmare On Elm Street - Charles Bernstien OST: Vinyl LP

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A1. Prologue (0:34)
A2. Main Title (3:33)
A3. Laying The Traps 2:06
A4. Dream Attack (1:21)
A5. Rod Hanged/Night Stalking (4:44)
A6. Jail Cell (1:13)
A7. Confrontation (1:41)
A8. Sleep Clinic (2:25)
A9. Terror In The Tub (1:00)
A10. No Escape (2:15)
A11. School Horror/Stay Awake (4:02)
Side B
B1. Lurking (1:01)
B2. Telephone Terror (1:08)
B3. Fountain Of Blood (1:03)
B4. Evil Freddy (0:50)
B5. Final Search (3:57)
B6. Run Nancy (1:08)
B7. Horror Movie (Source Cue) (0:43)
B8. Nancy Glen (2:30)
B9. Funeral (0:56)
B10. Freddys Hat (0:59)
B11. Bridge Talk (1:08)
B12. Bars On Windows (1:00)
B13. Freddys Glove (0:22)

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