Action / Adventure - Pulling Focus

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Action / Adventure - Pulling Focus
(Pure Noise)

Orange Crush In Clear With Heavy Blue Splatter Vinyl LP £15.99

3.Club 27
5.Tuck Everlasting
6.Nothing Left
7.Pulling Focus

Action/Adventure (A/A) is a pop-punk band hailing from Chicago ready to shatter the decades-long stereotypes of the scene. As a band comprised solely of BIPOC, their mission is to create #PopPunkInColor and ensure pop punk is a genre where everyone is represented on and off stage. Playing collectively together since 2014, the band has gotten the attention of alt scene tastemakers like Alt. Press and Kerrang!, garnered nearly 20k monthly listeners on Spotify, over one million plays on TikTok, and even secured a slot at the final Vans Warped Tour in 2018.

The band consists of Adrian Brown (drums), Blake Evaristo (lead vocals), Manny Avila (bass), Oren Trace (guitar), and Brompton Jackson (vocals/guitar). Pulling Focus will be the bands fourth EP joining Going Heal (2018), Last Minute Stuntman (2016), and Ruble Pak (2016). The dynamic five-piece collectively write music that slides along the vast spectrum of pop punk, typically landing in the area of melodic hardcore. Poppy lyrics and melodies bring an air of familiarity that are simultaneously bringing a fresh perspective through a new lens, and gripping riffs and trashing breakdowns that you can nod your head to.

A/A has now successfully planted their flag into the national landscape of the pop-punk scene following the release of their powerful 60-second single, “Barricades,” which details the discrimination the band has faced while gigging at pop-punk shows across the country. On a whim at the suggestion of a friend, the band posted the impactful music video for “Barricades” onto TikTok one afternoon with their hashtag #PopPunkInColor, and uninstalled the ap shortly after. By the end of the day, they had over 60k plays #PopPunkInColor. Within three weeks, the guys had over one million plays and an email from their dream label in their inbox.

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