Al Green - Greatest Hits

Size: White Vinyl LP

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Al Green - Greatest Hits

White Vinyl LP £20.99

This set is a straight remastered reissue, cover art and all, of 1975's Al Green's Greatest Hits LP, which collected his ten biggest singles. Nothing beats Al Green when it's time to sip your Courvoisier on your white pleather couch, be it alone or with that special someone... Ten classic tracks from 1975. Try it. Satisfaction guaranteed..

1. Tired of Being Alone
2. Call Me(Come Back Home)
3. I'm Still in Love with You
4. Here I Am(Come and Take Me)
5. Love and Happiness
6. Let's Stay Together
7. I Can't Get Next to You
8. You Ought to Be with Me
9. Look What You Done for Me
10. Let's Get Married

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