Alabama 3 - Exile On Coldharbour Lane

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Alabama 3 - Exile On Coldharbour Lane

1. Converted - Alabama 3 (6.16)
2. Speed of the Sound of Loneliness - Alabama 3 (5.57)
3. Woke Up This Morning - Alabama 3 (5.17)
4. U Don t Dans 2 Tekno - Alabama 3 (3.38)
5. Bourgeoise Blues - Alabama 3 (4.47)
6. Ain t Goin to Goa - Alabama 3 (3.56)
7. Mao Tse Tung Said - Alabama 3 (5.17)
8. Hypo Full of Love (The 12 Step Plan) - Alabama 3 (6.25)
9. The Old Purple Tin (9% of Pure Heaven) - Alabama 3 (4.05)
10. The Night We Nearly Got Busted - Alabama 3 (4.38)
11. Sister Rosetta - Alabama 3 (6.44)
12. Peace in the Valley - Alabama 3 (5.47)

They have been called, amongst other things, 'the best live band in Britain'. Their music has graced everything from The Sopranos to The Simpsons, and celebrity fans include Irvine Welsh and the world's biggest selling author, Stephen King. They are undoubtedly the greatest American act the UK ever did produce, and their heady combination of techno and C&W, alongside a proclivity for rock 'n' roll decadence and an acute social conscience means that they are effectively a unique entity in modern music. 'Exile on Coldharbour Lane' is the debut album by Alabama 3, originally released in 1997. The name and cover are references to 'Exile on Main St.' by The Rolling Stones and Coldharbour Lane a major street in Brixton, South London best known for containing several after-hours clubs.

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