Alarm (The) - History Repeating: Double Vinyl LP


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SIDE ONE 1981 - 1986.

Marching On, The Stand, Sixty Eight Guns, Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke?, Absolute Reality, Strength Spirit Of ’76.

SIDE TWO 1987 - 1991.

Rain In The Summeertime, Rescue Me,Presence Of Love, Sold Me Down The River, A New South Wales, Love Don’t Come Easy, Raw.

SIDE THREE 2000 - 2019.

Close, 45 RPM, Superchannel, New Home New Life, Raindown, Three Sevens Clash, All Seeing,

SIDE FOUR 2010 - 2021.

Direct Action, A Breed Apart, In The Poppy Fields, Brighter Than The Sun, Two Rivers, History Repeating.

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