Alex Bleeker - Heaven On The Faultline

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Alex Bleeker - Heaven On The Faultline

1 AB Ripoff
2 D plus
3 Felty Feel
4 Heaven On The Faultline
5 Heavy Tupper
6 LaLaLa
7 Mashed Potatoes
8 Swang
9 Parking Lot
10 Reach For My Brain
11 Tamalpais
12 Twang
13 Lonesome Cal

Real Estate's Alex Bleeker steps out on his own for a first full solo album, taking his music back to his homespun indie-rock roots. Initially recorded in his bedroom before adding finishing touches in the studio, the tracks have a lo-fi warmth akin to Bleeke's American heroes The Feelies & Yo La Tengo.

Music of comfort as well as craft, recalling Yo La Tengo, The Chills and a mellower Silver Jews 7/10 UNCUT

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