Alice Cooper - Killer (50th Deluxe Edition)

Format: Triple Vinyl LP

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Alice Cooper - Killer (50th Deluxe Edition)

We’ve got two spectacular deluxe editions from Alice Cooper coming June 9, 2023.  One is a reissue of 1972’s School’s Out, featuring new liner notes from Bill Holdship.  The packaging will feature a pop-up school desk and panties – just like the original (but these ones are non-flammable). The second is a deluxe reissue of 1971’s Killer, with a recreation of the original 1972 calendar that was included upon its release, along with new liner notes from Bill Holdship.

Alice Cooper was unstoppable during the 1970s when the band released four consecutive platinum albums and five Top 40 hits like “I’m Eighteen,” “School’s Out,” “No More Mr. Nice Guy,” and “Elected.” Rhino will reissue two of those platinum albums – Killer (1971) and School’s Out (1972) – with newly remastered sound, rare recordings, and previously unreleased live performances. Both Deluxe Editions will be released on June 9 as 2-CD sets and 3-LP versions on 180-gram vinyl

Track list:
Side A
1. Under My Wheels [2:52] (Bruce/Dunaway/Ezrin)
2. Be My Lover [3:19] (Bruce)
3. Halo Of Flies [8:21] (Cooper/Smith/Dunaway/Bruce/Buxton)
4. Desperado [3:30] (Cooper/Bruce)
Side B
5. You Drive Me Nervous [2:26] (Cooper/Bruce/Ezrin)
6. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah [3:37] (Cooper/Bruce)
7. Dead Babies [5:45] (Cooper/Smith/Buxton/Bruce/Dunaway)
8. Killer [7:03] (Bruce/Dunaway)
Side C (Previously Unissued)
Live at Mar Y Sol Pop Festival, Puerto Rico, April 2, 1972
1. Public Animal #9/Be My lover [5:24] (Bruce/Cooper)(Bruce)
2. You Drive Me Nervous [2:25] (Cooper/Bruce/Ezrin)
3. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah [4:17] (Cooper/Bruce)
4. I’m Eighteen (5:27) (Cooper/Bruce/Buxton/Dunaway/Smith)
Side D
5. Halo Of Flies [9:55] (Cooper/Smith/Dunaway/Bruce/Buxton)
6. Is It My Body? [7:39] (Cooper/Dunaway/Bruce/Smith/Buxton)
Side E
7. Dead Babies [5:51] (Cooper/Smith/Buxton/Bruce/Dunaway)
8. Killer [8:57] (Bruce/Dunaway)
9. Long Way To Go [9:50] (Bruce)
Side F
10. Under My Wheels [5:54] (Bruce/Dunaway/Ezrin)
Studio Extras
11. You Drive Me Nervous (Alternate Version) [2:18] (Cooper/Bruce/Ezrin)
12. Under My Wheels (Alternate Version) [2:33] (Bruce/Dunaway/Ezrin)
13. Dead Babies (Alternate Version) [5:39] (Cooper/Smith/Buxton/Bruce/Dunaway)


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