Aloof (The) - This Constant Chase For Thrills

Format: Vinyl LP

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The Aloof - This Constant Chase For Thrills

So Good
Doing It For Money
Good Morning World
Tearing Up Inside
D.I.R.M. Version
The Beach
Painted Face

Acid Jazz presents the long-awaited reissue of The Aloof’s cult-classic
final LP ‘This Constant Chase For Thrills’.

Formed in 1990, The Aloof were a pioneering electronic act, playing and
touring with the likes of Massive Attack and Leftfield. After three albums
with the Warner EastWest, they forged their own path, releasing ‘This
Constant Chase For Thrills’ on their own ‘Screaming Target’ label

Despite highlights ‘Doing It For Money’ and ‘Painted Face’ – as well as
‘So Good’, which featured in the US version of Queer As Folk – the LP
didn’t get the coverage it deserved upon release.

Within a dark and moody atmosphere, there is definite Ibiza and
Balearic feel to the record, showing a band with a positive DIY spirit.

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