Ava Max - Heavan & Hell: Coloured Vinyl LP

Title: Transparent Curacoa Vinyl LP

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Released Friday 27th Jaunary 2023
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Ava Max - Heavan & Hell
Transparent Curaco Vinyl LP - £21.99
Transparent Orange Vinyl LP - £21.99


Side A
2.Kings & Queens
5.OMG What’s Happening
6.Call Me Tonight
7.Born to the Night

Side B
1.Take You To Hell
2.Who’s Laughing Now
5.So Am I
7.Sweet But Psycho

Global pop sensation Ava Max—who has already accumulated more than 4 billion career streams—has released her highly-anticipated debut album Heaven & Hell. The record features eight new tracks alongside her previously released hit singles “Sweet But Psycho,” “Who’s Laughing Now,” “So Am I,” “Salt” and “Kings & Queens,” the latter of which spent five weeks at #1 on European airplay and is currently #21 on Top 40 radio.

“Heaven & Hell represents light and dark, good and evil, and the devil and angel on your shoulder,” said Ava on the meaning behind the album. “I’m discussing the dualities of the challenges we face each day. Some songs have darkness; other songs are more positive. Heaven & Hell is the middle ground.”
Ava has also revealed the video for her track “Naked,” which was directed by Hannah Lux Davis (Ariana Grande, Halsey, Doja Cat).

“It’s about the real emotions we go through,” said Ava on the meaning behind the track. “If you don’t know my mind, soul, and heart, you’ll never know me by seeing me naked. We are more than our physical bodies. That’s what I wanted to show.”

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