Avengers: Infinity War - Original Soundtrack By Alan Silvestri

Format: Colour Triple Vinyl LP

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A1 The Avengers 0:25
A2 Travel Delays (Extended) 4:43
A3 Undying Fidelity 5:05
A4 No More Surprises 4:04
A5 He Won't Come Out (Extended) 3:39
B1 Field Trip 3:36
B2 Wake Him Up 4:04
B3 We Both Made Promises (Extended) 4:27
B4 Help Arrives (Extended) 5:38
C1 Hand Means Stop / You Go Right (Extended) 7:18
C2 One Way Ticket 3:27
C3 Family Affairs (Extended) 5:37
C4 What More Could I Lose? (Extended) 5:07
D1 A Small Price 3:17
D2 Even For You 2:14
D3 Morning After 2:08
D4 Is He Always Like This? 3:17
D5 More Power 4:07
D6 Charge! 3:28
E1 Forge 4:22
E2 Catch 6:04
E3 Haircut And Beard (Extended) 3:51
E4 A Lot To Figure Out (Extended) 3:08
E5 The End Game (Extended) 2:34
F1 Get That Arm / I Feel You (Extended) 4:45
F2 What Did It Cost? (Extended) 3:35
F3 Porch 0:59
F4 Infinity War 2:35
F5 Old Tech 1:06
F6 End Credits 7:31

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