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Bastille - Give Me The Future

CD Album + 1 Ticket - £17.99 - Limit 4 per person
Vinyl Lp + 1 Ticket - £29.99 - Limit 2 per person
1x Ticket only - £14.50 - Limit 1 per person max

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To celebrate the release of their new album 'Give Me The Future' the Band will come to Leeds for an Intimate  Show . Book your bundle now for this special evening 

The Event will take place at The Wardrobe in Leeds on Tuesday 8th February 2022 .  Door times 7pm with him on stage shortly afterwards, so please be prompt. 

We have set up special bundles (in the drop down box above) for this release where fans can purchase an album on CD and get a ticket for this exclusive Show

There is a limited capacity for this event so we would expect all the album and ticket bundles to sell out very quickly. 

This is a 14+ ages event 

Please note there is only limited space left for disabled / accessible viewing at the venue so please email using the address below to book in as soon as you have ordered a ticket / Bundle -

Whilst there are currently no entry restrictions in place - advise from the government may change , we will endevor to contact all customers if something is put in place (normally via email) we advise you to check this webpage on the days leading upto the show and indeed the day of just incase. 


Shipping is the only option for this event, TICKETS will ship out First around a week before the event and then albums will seperately on or just before the release date of Friday 4th February

There is NO collect at venue or Collect in store option all ticket and stock will be shipped out.


Album is also available on all formats without a ticket here



Distorted Light Beam
Thelma + Louise
No Bad Days
Brave New World (Interlude)
Back To The Future
Plug In…
Promises (by Riz Ahmed)
Shut Off The Lights
Stay Awake?
Give Me The Future
Club 57
Total Dissociation (Interlude)
Future Holds (feat. BIM)

Give Me The Future, Bastille’s wildly ambitious and brilliantly bold new album is set for release
on February 4 th , 2022. To celebrate the announcement, the band releases their new single “No
Bad Days,” accompanied by the official video co-directed by Dan Smith, today.
Give Me The Future is a tribute to humanity in a tech age and reflects on the strangeness of
living through times that can feel like science fiction. Exploring both the opportunities of new
technology and the dark side of lives lived online, it’s as playful and fun as it is thought-
provoking, as dystopian as it is dancefloor-friendly, and as electronic as Bastille have ever been.

Eerily, songwriter Dan Smith came up with the idea pre-pandemic. The album was already
underway and the band on hiatus from touring when the world shut down, forcing interaction

solely through screens.

“Working on these songs in such an apocalyptic period, with everyone stuck at home, glued to
screens, fed into the feeling that what is real and what is not has become pretty difficult to
discern sometimes,” says Dan. “We’re in the age of deep fake, fake news and lying world
leaders. But online, you can be anyone. What that does to our sense of self and to our

relationships is huge and it’s fascinating.”

Give Me The Future takes us into a sci-fi wonderland free from restrictions – each song a
different danceable dreamscape, a place where you can travel back and forward in time to be
anyone, do anything and embrace a new wave of technology which enables us to get lost inside
our imagination. The album is laced with references to the world of science fiction film and

literature, video games and VR.

It’s a record that takes the idea of the limitless possibilities of the future and journeys
everywhere from a joyride of escapism on the uplifting, Thelma & Louise – a tribute to the
iconic feminist film on its 20th anniversary, to ‘80s New York with the artist Keith Haring on the
bright and whistling Club 57, to a hospital bed in Australia for the devastating but hopeful new
single, No Bad Days; Co-directed for the first time by Smith, the music video for the track is set
in a futuristic laboratory and sees Dan playing a character using technology to try and resurrect
a lost loved one. Nodding to the classic science fiction of “Metropolis”, “Ex Machina” and “The

Matrix”, the video paints an emotional and intimate story. Watch HERE.

“It’s really satisfying to have finally directed, and I’m really proud of the little film we made. I
grew up with film as my main obsession, so this was a bit of a dream. I learned a shitload and it

was good to be challenged in a new way.”

You’ll hear disco basslines, orchestras of synths, guitars, futuristic gospel, spaceship sounds,
euphoric strings, vocoders, talk boxes, a choir of roadies and host of beats. The title track, Give

Me The Future tips its hat to Phil Collins and The Police, Shut Off The Lights is a sonic love letter
to Paul Simon’s Graceland and Stay Awake nods to Daft Punk and Quincy Jones.
Having thrown himself into co-writing for other artists in recent years, for the first time ever on
a Bastille album, the band inched open the door to collaborators. Although primarily produced
by Dan Smith and long term production partner Mark Crew, the band also worked with a
handful of writers and producers to expand the world. Distorted Light Beam was co-written
and produced with Ryan Tedder (Adele, Paul McCartney, Taylor Swift) who also helped as a
sounding board and executive producer for the album. Thelma + Louise, Stay Awake and Back
To The Future were co-written with legendary songwriter Rami Yacoub (Britney Spears’ “…Baby
One More Time”, Lady Gaga’s Chromatica Album). They also worked with British writers Jonny

Coffer, Plested and Dan Priddy to bring the album to life.

You’ll also hear the voice of award-winning actor, musician, writer, creator, producer, director
and activist Riz Ahmed on a spell-binding and evocative spoken word piece called Promises.
Riz’s piece was a response the album and brings it’s overarching themes into sharp focus.
Over the course of their previous three albums, Bastille have cemented a reputation for
building whole worlds around their releases, often doing so with innovative award-winning
creativity. Give Me The Future is no different, this time accompanied by a fictional, but familiar
tech giant called Future Inc, the creators of an invention called Futurescape - a device which
allows users to live out their dreams virtually. It’s weaved through every element of the
campaign and can be seen in the videos for all three singles - Distorted Light Beam, Thelma &

Louise and No Bad Days

Sonically diverse and thematically adventurous, Bastille’s fourth album, Give Me The Future
pushes the band into exciting new frontiers. The record serves as less of a judgement on
modern life, more a reflection on where we are and perhaps where things could be, “I’m just
observing the truly weird times we’re living in and having fun responding to it through these
songs,” Dan says. “As the final track “Who Knows What the Future Holds… Don’t Matter If I
Got You” says, this is happening, whether we like it or not. Finding happiness in the moment is

surely the aim, whether it’s in the real or virtual world.”

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