Biff Bang Pow! - Songs For The Sad Eyed Girl - Limited RSD 2022

Title: Vinyl LP

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Biff Bang Pow! - Songs For The Sad Eyed Girl

1. She Kills Me
2. The Girl From Well Lane
3. Baby You Just Don’t Care
4. If You Don’t Love Me Now You Never Ever Will
5. Someone To Share My Life With
6. Religious
7. Hug Me Honey

Classic Creation Records 1990 LP from Biff Bang Pow! Feauring Alan McGee & Dick Green, founders of Creation Records.

Unavailable on vinyl since it's release, Biff Bang Pow! were a seminal 80s indie group, overshadowed by the success of their label. Time for a re-assessment we think. This is a beautiful pastoral acoustic-led recording. Sleeve notes by Alan McGee.

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