Big D & The Kids Table - Do Your Art

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Format: Double Blue Vinyl LP
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A1 Dead Bottle 1:43
A2 Too Much 2:55
A3 Toyed 2:37
A4 Sociopath 2:17
A5 How About A Pizza? 0:33
B1 Metal In The Microwave 1:31
B2 Med Her Lazy 2:05
B3 New Day 3:58
B4 You Buggin'
B5 Teenagers From Outer Space 0:44
B6 Lost In London 3:20
C1 Beautiful Way
C2 Strong & Fair
C3 Tripping Over Shoelaces 1:49
C4 Dispirit 2:21
D1 Baby Ruth, Zagnuts, Zero, Chicken Dinner, Bit-O-Honey, Snickers, Milky Way 0:47
D2 Militant Humorist 1:52
D3 Forever A Freak
D4 Race Car Song 1:10
D5 Danny And Nannie 0:45

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