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Sorry, this gig has been and gone! Why not take a look and see if we have anything else for sale by Bilk.



Ticket Bundles go onsale Monday 30th January at 11am

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Bilk - Bilk 

CD Album + 1 Ticket - £13.99 - Limit 4 per person

Vinyl LP + 1 Ticket - £29.99 - Limit 2 per person

RED Vinyl LP + 1 Ticket - £31.99 - Limit 2 per person

1x Ticket only - £10.50 - Limit 1 per person max

We urge you to consider buying an Album bundle rather than Ticket only as they only cost £3.49 more to get a CD,  PLUS this way you are helping the artist AND the more albums we sell the more of these exciting Album Launch shows we are able to put on in the future.

 PLEASE NOTE Album + Ticket Bundles are limited to 4 per person. Ticket only is limited to 1 per person


To celebrate the release of their Self Titled album Bilk will come to Leeds for a Short Intimate Album Launch Show . Book your bundle now for this special evening 

The Event will take place at Oporto in Leeds on Sunday 12th February 2023 .  Door times 7pm with them on stage shortly afterwards, so please be prompt. 

We have set up special bundles (in the drop down box above) for this release where fans can purchase an album on any format and get a ticket for this exclusive Show

There is a limited capacity for this event so we would expect all the album and ticket bundles to sell out very quickly. 

This is a 14+ ages event

If you have an access needs please contact the venue here for more information

Shipping / Collect at the Venue is the only option for this event, for TICKETS the name of the lead booker will be added to our list for the night, times how many purchased (john smith x3) then ALBUMS will ship out separately on or just before the release date currently 10th February

There is NO Collect in store option .


Album is also available on all formats without a ticket here


1. Daydreamer
2. Hummus and Pitta
3. Things Ain't Always What They Seem
4. Be Someone
5. It's No Longer There
6. Brand New Day
7. Just Don't Work For Me
8. Fashion
9. Part and Parcel
10. Stand Up
11. 10 O'Clock

Reflecting on the highs and lows of British youth culture today, Essex outfit Bilk are three musicians who blend angsty indie, rap and punk. The brainchild of frontman Sol Abrahams (accompanied by bassist Luke Hare and drummer Harry Gray), Bilk’s honest social commentary is as real as it gets. Their raucous live shows are already becoming a thing of cult legend amongst a new generation of music fans, resulting in chaos at venues across the UK.


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