Billie Holiday - Lady In Satin: Limited National Album Day Blue Vinyl LP


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Released Saturday 16th October as part of National Album Day 2021. All pre orders will be made ready for collection on that date. Postal orders will be dispatched from Monday 18th October

National Album Day returns for its fourth edition on Saturday 16th October, and this year will spotlight women artists and their huge contribution to music and culture through the art of the album.

Revisiting iconic and influential albums by women artists, from the earliest pioneers to present- day legends, and pointing towards exciting new and future talent, the 2021 event will also highlight the integral role women play within the wider music community, not only as recording artists, but as songwriters, producers, and cultural influencers.

Lady in Satin is the penultimate album by jazz singer Billie Holiday, originally
released in 1958 on Columbia Records. The album has left a lasting mark on
the musical landscape since its release and is noted as being one of the
greatest of all time.
This limited-edition NAD release is pressed on solid blue coloured vinyl.

1 I'm a Fool to Want You
2 For Heaven's Sake
3 You Don't Know What Love Is
4 I Get Along Without You Very Well
5 For All We Know
6 Violets for Your Furs
1 You've Changed
2 It's Easy to Remember
3 But Beautiful
4 Glad to Be Unhappy
5 I'll Be Around

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