Birpen - All Function One

Format: CD Album

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Birpen - All Function One

(JAR Records)

CD Album £10.99
Sunflower Yellow Vinyl LP £19.99

1 - Function
2 - Life In Design
3 - Modern Junk
4 - Shakes
5 - Seat 35
6 - Blackhole
7 - Flames
8 - Otherside
9 - Changes
10 - Universe
11 - Invisible
12 - Undone

BirdPen - All Function One, an album about isolation, the fear of going outside in an uncertain world, virtual sex, deep fakes, digital sadness and living a hollow cyber life. Musically flowing with soundscape guitars, soaring melancholic strings, rolling heavy bass, kraut drumbeats, subtle electronics and emotionally performed meaningful lyrics. An album fitting with the times and the current un-certain, sometimes lost world.


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