Bitch Falcon - Staring At Clocks: Clear Vinyl LP

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1. I'm Ready Now
2. Sold Youth
3. Turn to Gold
4. How Did I Know
5. Staring at Clocks
6. Damp Breath
7. Test Trip
8. Martyr
9. Gaslight
10. Harvester

Bitch Falcon; a name you won't forget and a band who won't let you forget them. This trio from the vibrant, much-hyped music scene of Dublin was formed by front-woman Lizzie Fitzpatrick with her friends in a small kitchen in the city in 2014. Since these freshman days, the lineup has galvanised around the rhythm section of Barry O'Sullivan on Bass and Nigel Kenny on Drums

The acclaimed dream-grunge three-piece have announced their debut LP, Staring At Clocks, to be released 6th November via Small Pond Records


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