Blinders (The) - Live At The Ritz: Double Vinyl LP

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Blinders (The) - Live At The Ritz Double Vinyl £21.99 Limited Edition 

TRACKLISTING: Side A 1. Gotta Get Through 2. Brave New World 3. Ramona Flowers 4. Wither Side B 1. Free The Slaves 2. I Can't Breath Blues 3. Where No Man Comes 4. Forty Days Forty Nights 5. Ballad Of Winston Smith Side C 1. L'etat C'est Moi 2. Hate Song 3. Lunatic With A Loaded Gun 4. Rat In A Cage Side D 1. Et Tu 2. Brutus 3. Orbit [Salmon Of Alaska] 4. Swine

If you've ever been to a Blinders show, you'll know all too well the visceral power with which they blaze through the tunes that have made them one of the country's most exciting new bands. If you haven't yet had that experience, then you're in luck! This double album, recorded live at Manchester Ritz is more than enough to give you an idea of what a show translates as minus the heat of a packed venue of course...

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