Blossoms - Foolish Loving Spaces (Extended Edition): CD Album

Title: Audio CD

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Released Friday 4th December
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Blossoms - Foolish Loving Spaces (Extended Edition)
Audio CD  £13.99


  1. If You Think This Is Real Life
  2. Your Girlfriend
  3. The Keeper
  4. My Swimming Brain
  5. Sunday Was A Friend Of Mine
  6. Oh No (I Think I’m In Love)
  7. Romance, Eh?
  8. My Vacant Days
  9.  Falling For Someone
  10. Like Gravity
  11. Christmas Eve (Soul Purpose)
  12. It’s Going To Be A Cold Winter
  13. Pure Pop
  14. Under The Sun
  15. Something For The Mind


  • 5 new tracks as an extension of the original Foolish Loving Spaces album, as well as 45 minutes of the best of their pubcast
  • Double CD, 1 Disc FLS extended, and 1 Disc the pubcast
  • Album will launch with 10 minute stop motion video of ‘The Band Who Saved Christmas’, featuring the full audio from the single ‘Christmas Eve (Soul Purpose)

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