Bodega - Shiny New Model: Various Formats

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Bodega - Shiny New Model
Label: What's Your Rupture

CD Album £9.99
Standard Black Vinyl £18.99
Indies Only Green Vinyl £18.99

Brooklyn-based BODEGA announce new mini-album Shiny New Model as well as streaming a single of the same name. Following the critical acclaim of Endless Scroll, Shiny New Model marks a lush new sonic direction for the group - widescreen multi-tracked guitars and a giant sounding rhythm section complementing sharp songwriting and yearning vocal melodies.   Tracklisting: 1. Shiny New Model 2. Treasures 3. No Vanguard Revival 4. Knife On The Platter 5. Domesticated Animal 6. Realism 7. Truth Is Not Punishment Long 8. Truth Is Not Punishment Short

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