Boom! - Italian Jazz Soundtracks At Their Finest (1959-1969)

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Boom! - Italian Jazz Soundtracks At Their Finest (1959-1969)

For a whole decade, spanning between the second half of the ‘50s and the second half of the ‘60s, jazz took over the Italian screens. The Californian be-bop rhythms, filtered and reinterpreted in a typical Mediterranean key, became the perfect soundtrack to the Italy of the economic boom; the quintessential music for a country that was sailing through a moment of profound and exciting industrial, social and cultural renovation. A nation that was rapidly shedding its skin, changing its style, look and identity, but also its landscape, letting itself go to the inebriation of the economic miracle. The compilation was conceived like a sonic stream, a journey of discovery carefully sequenced from hundreds of soundtracks from the golden age of Italian jazz contained in the CAM Sugar archive.

33 tracks that go beyond music, telling the story of Italian cinema, society and of its unmistakable style and charm. A genre that even when nodding to Californian be-bop, to crime jazz or bossa nova still sounds surprisingly original and Mediterranean, elegant, and seductive, either with joyous peaks (the scat of I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni or of I 4+4 di Nora Orlandi) or with enigmatic and nearly dramatic nuances (La strega in amore by Luis Bacalov, Il batticuore by Marcello Gigante). The compilation also offers a precious insight into the Italian jazz scene of the times, with its string of formidable soloists like Gianni Basso (sax) and Oscar Valdambrini (trumpet), two Piedmontese men on duty for the RAI television orchestra conducted by Armando Trovajoli; like Nunzio Rotondo (trumpet) a legendary and elusive figure who had a special bond with Piero Piccioni; or like Enrico Rava (trumpet), Franco D'Andrea (piano) and Gegé Munari (drums) who often recorded with Piero Umiliani. Not to forget international stars like Chet Baker and Gato Barbieri, who were often fortuitously dragged into the recording sessions also thanks to Umiliani’s never-ending curiosity.

1. Notte in Algeria (From 'I Piaceri Pribiti')
2. Oggi in Africa (From 'Alla Scoperta Dell'Africa')
3. Agosto Jazz (From 'La Voglia Matta')
4. Jumping (From 'Il Vedovo')
5. Ora Di Punta (From 'Mondo Cane No. 2)
6. Il Sorpasso (Titoli - Ripesa) [from 'Il Sorpasso]
7. Notti D'amore a Tokyo (From 'Le Dolci Notti')
8. Il Vedovo Bianco (From 'Amore Facile')
9. Tensione (From 'Audace Colpo Dei Soliti Ignoti')
10. Frenesia Dell'estate (Titoli) [from 'Frenesia Dell'estate']
11. Coppia in Crisi (From 'Le Ore Dell'amore')
12. Your Smile (From '3 Notte D'amore')
13. Il Treno Rosa (From 'Mille Peccati Nessuna Virtu')
14. Gardenia (From 'Sedia Elettrica')
15. In Fondo Alla Notte (From 'Una Bella Grinta')
16. La Strage in Amore (Titoli) [from 'La Strega in Amore']
17. 7 Monaci D'oro (Titoli) [from '7 Monaci D'oro]
18. Il Raggio Infernale (Titoli) [from 'Il Raggio Infernale']
19. Perry Scott Blues (From 'Sinfonia Per Due Spie')
20. Sexy Lucy (From 'Assicurasi Vergine')
21. Allegre Notti (From 'Letti Sbagliati')
22. Il Nero - M1 (From 'Il Nero')
23. Night Blues (From 'Gli Imbroglioni')
24. Miniswing Orientale (From 'Nudo Crudo E...')
25. Agente 077 - Sfidi Ai Killers (Titoli) [from 'Agente 077 Sfida Ai Killers']
26. Le Notti Della Violenza (Titoli) [from 'Le Notti Della Violenza']
27. Gangsters (From 'Bersaglio Mobile')
28. Giallo Club (From 'Chiamate 22-22 Tenente Sheridan')
29. Il Batticuore (From 'Il Mostro Di Venezia')
30. Concorso Per Giobani Attrici (From 'Letto Di Sabbia')
31. Milano Blues (Edit) [from 'Bianco, Rosso, Giallo, Rosa]
32. Atmosfera Di Night (From 'La Costanza Della Ragione')
33. Dea Di Un Sogno (Versione Tromba E Organo) [from 'Un Tentativo Sentimentale']

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