Brian Jonestown Massacre (The) - Bravery Repetition: Vinyl LP


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1. Just For Today
2. Telegram
3. Stolen
4. Open Heart Surgery
5. Nevertheless
6. Sailor
7. You Have Been Disconnected
8. Leave Nothing For Sancho
9. Let Me Stand Next To Your Flower
10. If I Love You?
11. (I Love You) Always
12. If I Love You? (New European Gold Standard Secret Babylonian Brotherhood Cinema Mix)

Bravery, Repetition and Noise is a dark dreamy album, rich in atmosphere, layered in waves of sound.

The album's antecedents are clear, inspired by psychedelia as they were by punk's nihilism, pulling both strands into a doom-laden, experimental sound quite distinct from anything that had come before or since.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre uses this as their touchstone, lovingly re-creating the moods and atmospheres of the past.

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