Brian May - Another World

Format: 1LP + 2CD Limited Collections Edition Boxset

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Brian May - Another World

Track list:

1. Space
2. Business
3. China Belle
4. Why Don’t We Try Again
5. On My Way Up
6. Cyborg
7. The Guv’nor
8. Wilderness
9. Slow Down
10. One Rainy Wish
11. All The Way From Memphis
12. Another World
13. Being On My Own

Disc 1
14. Space
15. Business
16. China Belle
17. Why Don’t We Try Again
18. On My Way Up
19. Cyborg
20. The Guv’nor
21. Wilderness
22. Slow Down
23. One Rainy Wish
24. All The Way From Memphis
25. Another World
26. Being On My Own

Disc 2
27. Brian Talks
28. “The Business” (Rock On Cozy Mix)
29. Hot Patootie
30. F.B.I. (Original Ruff Mix With Real Bass And Drums)
31. Maybe Baby
32. Only Make Believe
33. Otro Lugar
34. Cyborg (Solo Instrumental Version)
35. Business Stings
36. I’ll Be Prayin’
37. On My Way Up (Guitar Version)
38. The Last Great Optimist
39. On My Way Up (Live in Paris, June ’98)
40. Hammer To Fall (Live in Paris, June ’98)
41. My Boy

Side A
42. Space
43. Business
44. China Belle
45. Why Don’t We Try Again
46. On My Way Up
47. Cyborg

Side B
48. The Guv’nor
49. Wilderness
50. Slow Down
51. One Rainy Wish
52. All The Way From Memphis
53. Another World


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