Bugzy Malone - The Resurrection

Title: Jewel Case Audio CD

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Bugzy Malone - The Resurrection

On Jan 22nd 2021, Buzgy Malone releases his fifth full length project, ‘The Resurrection’. This body of work is full of hard-won wisdom and undiluted street delivery on an elevated level that sees Bugzy produce his most accomplished work to date. The tracks weave social commentary and personal experience which produces something complex but powerful.


1. The Resurrection
3. Don't Cry (Feat. Dermot Kennedy)
4. Cold Nights in the 61
5. Welcome to the Hood (Feat. Emili Sande)
6. The Masters (Interlude)
7. Van Gogh Effect
8. Salvador
9. Ride Out
10. Bounce
11. Notorious (Feat. Chip)
12. The Immortals (Interlude)
13. Gods
14. Angels
15. Skeletons

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