Buzzcocks - French

Format: Blue Vinyl LP

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Re-issue of Buzzcocks - French on amazing BLUE vinyl!

So named because of the concert location in Paris, French captures the '90s Buzzcocks lineup ripping through an extensive, energetic set of old classics and newer material.

Both Diggle and Shelley rock along trading guitar lines and keeping the songs moving with pretty much the same level of intensity as in the past.

Buzzcocks were one of the punk revolution's tightest bands, and their short, frenetic bursts of guitar pop and angelic harmonies require a certain level of professionalism to be put across in a live setting. Thankfully, subsequent tours and American shows showcased the Buzzcocks as a tight, lean pop machine. French, a live document from one of these shows, is an excellent souvenir of the band at its best!

1. I Don’t Mind
2. Who’ll Help Me To Forget
3. Get On Our Own
4. Unthinkable
5. Strange Thing

6. Energy
7. Breakdown
8. Innocent
9. Roll It Over
10. Why She’s A Girl From The Chainstore

11. Last To Know
12. Running Free
13. Libertine Angel
14. Why Can’t I Touch It
15. Noise Annoys
16. Isolation

17. Boredom
18. Do It
19. Harmony In my Head
20. I Believe

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