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A1. Opening (M-1)
A2. Whale circus (M-2)
A3. Illusion (M-3)
A4. The bird that smelt the sleigh (M-4)
A5. The catfish on the boat (M-5)
A6. Fish in the live (M-6)
A7. Dream of fish (M-7)
A8. The world of Kara Kara No Sekai (M-8)
A9. Strange uncle (M-9)
B1. Water elephant (M-10)
B2. The sea of red glass (M-11)
B3. Hands of a turning clock (M-12)
B4. Tin garden~Metallic World~ (M-13)
B5. Ending (M-14)
B6. Opening (video edit)
B7. The bird that smelt the sleigh (another version)
B8. Strange uncle (another version)
B9. Dream of a fish (video edit)
B10. Water elephant (video edit)

Nekojirusa", a 2001 OVA work based on the "Nekojiru" manga by Tatsuo Sato and Masaaki Yuasa, continues to attract a cult following even today, more than 20 years

after its release. The soundtrack work by Yutoro Teshikai, which had been extremely difficult to obtain, has been reissued on CD/LP for the first time!

Nekojiru Udon" was a manga work from 1990 to 1995 by "Nekojiru", a unique absurdist gag manga serialized in "Monthly Manga Garo" that created a
"Nekojiru boom" in the late 90s that went far beyond the boundaries of the Garo series.
This is the original soundtrack for the road movie-style OVA "Nekojiru Grass," which was inspired by the situations in the manga and was directed by Tatsuo Sato,

written by Masaaki Yuasa, storyboarded and storyboarded by Masaaki Yuasa, and produced by the director and animation director.
The original work is a deleterious drug that coats surrealistic nightmares with the sugar coating of everyday life and an unsophisticated mood, and this fascinating accompaniment

to "Nekojirusa" extracts its abstract aspects, creating a strange but effective blend of unsophisticated and nightmarish, giving the work a stateless and singular appeal.

The composer/arranger of this obscure musical work has not only provided music for numerous singers and musicians, including Shigeru Matsuzaki and
Hiromi Ota, but has also worked on soundtrack discs of picture book author Shigeru Tamura's works, including "Memories of Phantasmagoria," "Galactic Fish,"
"The Whale's Composer, producer, and synthesizer player Yutoro Teshikai is known for his work on such obscure and outstanding image albums as "Monument
of Dreams," "Chalk Color People," and "In the Night Sky After the Bath.

The dark ambient/new age "Illusion" is reminiscent of Italian cult noise artist Maurizio Bianchi, and "Sora no Imbibed Tori" is a more cosmic version of "Sora wo Norimikonotori,"

a piece about a boat wandering around "the earth sunk by a flood. The album contains a total of 19 gem tracks, including "Nyatta and His Friends
on a Boat," "Fish Live," and "Fish Dreams," which celebrate the ethnic and Asian moods of the two main characters as they wander around the "flooded earth" in
a boat, while also celebrating the fantastic.

Strange Uncle," which blends well with the strange images in the opening scene where Nyako is taken away by the Grim Reaper and half of her soul is stolen,
"Red Glass Sea," which is a gem of a darkly beautiful new age piece, "Round the Clock Hands," a masterpiece that reflects the nostalgia and surrealistic sensibility
of the original work, and "Ominous The "Ending" is a reenactment of nostalgia and nightmares, colored by the sound of a music box that plays in the end roll after
the ominous final scene. The album is a masterpiece and a milestone.


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