Censor - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Format: Clear/Black Smoke Vinyl LP

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1. Running From Death
2. Censor
3. First Subway
4. Deranged Meeting
5. Why Aren't You Banning These Films?
6. Don't Go In The Church
7. Mum's Neck Dream
8. List Of His Films
9. Watching Asunder
10. Driving To Parents
11. Enid Drives Home
12. Dream Of Nina
13. Night Visit
14. What's Going To Happen To Alice?
15. You Sick B
16. What We're Doing Here Is Pointless
17. I'll Be Doing Your Makeup
18. Blood Splattering
19. The Cabin
20. Beastman's Lair
21. Frederick's Demise
22. You Have Her Eyes

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