Raekown - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx

Title: Double Vinyl LP

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Raekown - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx

Striving For Perfection 1:43
Knuckleheadz 4:05
Knowledge God 4:27
Criminology 3:49
Incarcerated Scarfaces 4:30
Rainy Dayz 5:17
Guillotine (Swordz) 4:21
Can It Be All So Simple (Remix) 4:10
Shark Nigg*s (Biters) 1:39
Ice Water 4:02
Glaciers Of Ice 4:54
Verbal Intercourse 4:07
Wisdom Body 2:34
Spot Rusherz 3:51
Ice Cream 4:16
Wu-Gambinos 5:09
Heaven & Hell 4:57

One Of The Most Enduring Tales In The History Of Hip Hop Is Now Available In Again On Vinyl. The cultural phenomenon that is the Wu-Tang cannot accurately be described without referencing one of the pillars in the Clan's discography; Chef Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, one of the defining triumphs in their artistic legacy. The oft referred "Purple Tape", has been cited and debated by many as the greatest Wu-Tang solo project to date and a remains a bullet point in any discussion involving the greatest "Cocaine Rap" or "Street Hop" albums of all time. Raekwon's narrative, plays out like a movie script from the violent, drug fueled, underbelly of New York City's criminal landscape, intricately woven over instrumentalfrom the legendary Wu mastermind, The RZA. While Only Built 4 Cuban Linx did produce a string of successful singles, such as "Ice Cream", "Incarcerated Scarfaces" and "Criminology", like all classic cinema, the album was intentionally engineered to be appreciated in one sitting, played from beginning to end

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