Circle Sky - Dream Colour

Title: Double Vinyl LP

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Circle Sky - Dream Colour

Side A 1. If I Let Go / 2. Ghost in the Machine / 3. Holding On
Side B 1. Dream Colour / 2. E23
Side C 1. Love Hertz / 2. White Lodge / 3. Your Name
Side D 1. Salvation / 2. Home

Dream Colour is the much-anticipated debut LP from Circle Sky, the ethereal electronic project from Richard Norris and Martin Dubka.

Circle Sky first emerged in the opening months of 2018 as the pair dropped the beautifully melancholic ‘Love Hertz’. They continue with a fully formed long player that is destined to open the hearts of all who hear it.

Norris and Dubka met when the latter played a live modular synth set at Richard’s ‘Throne of Blood’ night in London. They went on to hone their craft playing a long residency at Secret Cinema’s Star Wars event, playing live electronic sets nightly at a hidden techno club on the Death Star. The shows featured the mighty Moog System 55 modular synth, which is also featured throughout the album.

Richard Norris has a long and revered history in electronic music; from his seminal work as The Grid alongside Soft Cell’s David Ball, through work with the Pet Shop Boys and Bryan Ferry to his psychedelic partnership with Erol Alkan as Beyond the Wizard Sleeve. He is a true pillar of the UK electronic scene. Martin Dubka is a highly respected musician and producer who toured with Daft Punk as part of Cazals, and has production credits including Ali Love and Lou Hayter. As Circle Sky, the pair bring their wealth of experience and incredible acoustic acuity to bear as they tease out a selection of songs that are as beguiling as they are eclectic.

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