Cooper T 24/02/24 @ Headrow House

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Super Friendz presents
Cooper T
Saturday 24 February
Headrow House
Cooper T is the brainchild of two Manchester producers, Kong and TMNMS, who are making names for themselves, both individually and collectively, on the Manchester music scene. Between them, to date, the duo have produced tracks for artists that include; Chunky, Black Josh, EVABEE, KEYAH/BLU, Skittles and Blind Mic.

Describing their product as “music for outcasts”, Cooper T is a hybrid of a variety of music genres that has Inspired the duo over the years, ranging from; punk, hip hop, indie, soul and jungle. Taking influences from artists such as; The Clash, Gorillaz, Baxter Dury, Gang of Four, Parquet Courts and Metronomy.
Their catchy hooks and synth melodies naturally suck you in to their world and as a live act the dual frontmen have charisma and energy in abundance to enthral their audiences.
Their lyrics could be taken from scripts
straight out of Brassic or Shameless, created from a life in Manchester, but equally, this could be any UK town or city.

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