Crake 04/11/21 @ Establishment, Wakefield


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Event name: Bodys presents: Crake + AlizéeLeriche
Acts: Crake, AlizéeLeriche
Location: Establishment, 81-83 Westgate, Wakefield, WF1 1EP. Gig is in the music hall - enter through the main door on Bank Street then turn left.
Promoters: Bodys
Date: 04.11.2021
Doors: 8pm
Age restriction: Over 18s only

8.30pm AlizéeLeriche
AlizéeLeriche is a French songwriter who has worked under different pseudonyms on the Parisian scene from 2015 to 2020. Her new project moulds classic 70s influenced song-craft, and subverts it with alluring diversions that are totally her own. This will be her first gig ever for this new project!
Whilst surreal and grandiose, there's a strange familiarity to the compositions. She builds aerial vocal layers almost orchestrally, with a theatrical idea of intimacy, taking influence from the natural world, human interaction and gothic nightmares. Grounded sounds like a clunky upright piano and dry drums are opposed with pitch shifted saxophones and folkloric violins. Her first LP, currently unreleased, was born in a sun-beaten Marseille, before being recorded in the UK in 2021. AlizéeLeriche is a versatile artist who has produced, written, and composed for other names in France (notably Kid Francescoli with a track featured in a recent Chanel advert).

9.15pm Crake
Crake are an alt-folk four piece from Leeds who write melodic and hopeful songs about encounters with nature, multi-fascinated human relationships and a fascination with finding catharsis and connection in spite of the tough stuff.
After two Eps (2017’s By the Slimemould and 2018’s The Politics of Lonely), Crake supported Big Thief on their tour across the UK and Europe. Those three weeks spent travelling and playing with their musical heroes saw Crake go from a small, beloved act who’d barely left their hometown, to finding themselves with a committed fanbase of their own. Their third 3-track EP Dear Natalie was subsequently released in 2019, a time also marked by the addition of lead guitarist Russell Searle, joining Rowan, Rob Slater (drums) and Sarah Statham (bass).
In 2020 they released Enough Salt (For All Dogs) b/w Gef; a two-track single released on 7” vinyl and zine through Saddle Creek’s Document Series. Their first self-produced effort, the songs are Crake at their most confident. Exploring the depths of their sound while staying rooted in Rowan Sandle’s unmistakable songwriting and ability to weave narrative worlds into three-minute songs in her captivating, poetic lyrics.

About the Venue
This show is in the music hall of The Establishment Wakefield on Westgate, turn left when you go through the main door. The Establishment is located close to Wakefield Westgate train station. The gig will finish at 10pm, giving you plenty of time to get the last train.
Establishment disabled access: Entrance/ exit : 1 step - no ramp. Toilets : no disabled toilets, toilets upstairs. Viewing : all one level - seating available. We will make sure everyone can see if view is obstructed.

About Bodys
Bodys is a gig promoter in Wakefield, hosting frequent shows. Follow us on social media @bodyswakefield to see what other shows we are hosting. Our gigs are intentionally set at times that allow you to be in bed early if you fancy, and we always announce set times well in advance.

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